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Cosmic Contact: The Next Earth

Cosmic Contact: The Next Earth

Cosmic Contact: The Next Earth
Book Three
The Luc Ponti Chronicles
By James A. Cusumano
Published by Waterside Press
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Cosmic Contact: The Next Earth is a sci-fi, action adventure that takes place 10 years after Book Two. The SPI Team members have become internationally recognized scientists. They are approached by the US President to address a seemingly impossible mission—find a means to save some semblance of humanity, which is on a path to extinction.

The potential impact of runaway climate-change has long been grossly underestimated. The world is rapidly approaching an existential crisis—Anthropogenic Extinction—the sixth annihilation of Earth-bound species since life first appeared 3.5 billion years ago.

Luc Ponti, now an astrophysicist at MIT, succeeds in creating a stabilized micro-wormhole, which is used as a means to contact intelligent life on exoplanets well within the “Goldilocks” zone—potentially human-habitable planets. Communication through the wormhole enables near-instantaneous contact over hundreds of lightyears of distance. The plan is to reach extraterrestrials who have technology that could help Earth achieve a level of sustainability above what now is sure extinction.

We are—definitely—not alone. The SPI Team ultimately succeeds in connecting with an advanced civilization on an exoplanet 101.4 lightyears from Earth, which they dub Zoi—Greek, meaning life. The Zoians are an advanced civilization beyond our wildest imagination.

The extraterrestrials eventually agree to supply a geoengineering technology to position in an Earth high orbit to help humanity better adapt to rapidly escalating climate-induced change. They also provide transport to Zoi for large numbers of people from around the globe. But everything has its price . . .

Against a backdrop of Russian espionage, this sci-fi, action novel explores the practical, social, psychological, and transcendental impact on Earthlings who learn of the extraterrestrial civilization’s technology, governance, leadership, and sociocultural units. The science and power of consciousness and the role of artificial intelligence (AI) play critical roles throughout this adventure.

Questions pursued throughout the novel include: Who are the Zoians and what do they really want? They have mastered interstellar travel. How is that possible when Einstein’s theory of special relativity says it’s not  in any meaningful timeframe? Their technology in AI is well beyond our comprehension. Can they embed human Personal Consciousness into their AI systems? Our world will never be the same with the answers to these and other questions posed to the Zoians.

Here's what Marvel’s writer-director Joe Robert Cole, co-screenplay writer of both Black Panther movies had to say about Book One.

I Can See Clearly—Rise of a Supernatural Hero is an engaging story of enlightenment. Beneath Luc Ponti’s journey toward understanding his Life Purpose lies spiritual guidance on how to use our gifts to make the world a better place!”

eBook | 312 pages | 978-1958848685 | March 7, 2023