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I Can See Clearly

I Can See Clearly
Rise of A Supernatural Hero
By James A. Cusumano

Sixteen-year old star basketball player, Luc Ponti wins an important tiebreaker game for the Palo Alto Vikings with a three-point basket during the last few seconds of play. He is simultaneously critically injured with a flagrant foul by a player from the opposing team. Luc dies for several minutes but is revived after having a near-death experience (NDE). He inexplicably begins to develop superpowers, which change the course of his life and have a profound impact on the world.

Luc becomes caught in a tangled web of espionage, blackmailed by the CIA to use his powers of remote viewing to spy for them. This creates conflict in his life, most significant—how can he pursue his long-time dream of playing varsity ball for a top college; major in engineering; and possibly go pro after graduation? I Can See Clearly is the story of a talented teenager seeking the Meaning of Life and his Life Purpose, while fighting the grip of the CIA.

Praise for I Can See Clearly

“If you love a great story with profound wisdom woven into it, you will love I Can See Clearly. Not only does the story take us into the thrilling world of a new kind of superhero, it also explores a theme that is dear to any seeker’s heart: that we must make our life’s journey a quest to find and fulfill our true Life Purpose. . . . I highly recommend that you read this book and enjoy its many levels of adventure and wisdom.”
— Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., New York Times best-selling author of The Big Leap and Conscious Luck

I Can See Clearly is an engaging story of enlightenment. Beneath Luc Ponti’s journey toward understanding his life purpose lies spiritual guidance on how to use our innate gifts to make the world a better place!”
— Joe Robert Cole, co-writer of the Black Panther screenplay; writer-director of All Day and a Night

“Jim Cusumano has created unforgettable superheroes for the 21st century. If you like Marvel and DC, you’ll love what Jim has cooked up for our postmodern world. He has created characters who live, breathe, feel, and dream while standing on the shoulders of the greatest that the East and West have to offer—including the power of quantum and spiritual physics to help us fi nd our life purpose. A must-read!”
— Jon Katzman, former president of New Regency Television; TV and film producer

“An enormously entertaining novel that brilliantly integrates metaphysics, espionage, and ethics. Unputdownable!”
— Jill Kramer, author and literary agent

December 15, 2020