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Alchymist – Entrepreneur – Author – Filmmaker – Hotelier

Twin Terror: Good Seed, Bad Seed: A Thriller from the World of Consciousness, Jim Cusumano,

Twin Terror

Twin Terror
Good Seed, Bad Seed: A Thriller from the World of Consciousness
By James A. Cusumano
Published by Waterside Productions
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As in The Fallen, the first novella in this series, in Twin Terror, Cusumano draws on his experience to create a thriller immersed in Easter Wisdom and intrigue. He seamlessly weaves together concepts from metaphysics, mindfulness, science and technology. In doing so, he taps into the power of Comic Consciousness to explore tragic events that befall the two protagonists, highly-gifted identical twins Sally and Sandra Brunel. The story follows them on a journey that begins at the emergence of these events through the pain of their impact, and finally to redemption and resolution. Sandra--The Bad Seed-- learns that ultimate redemption and ultimate freedom come at the ultimate price.

Cusumao's intent in this series of novellas is to stimulate the reader to consider new possibilities above and beyond so-called well-proven, logical concepts.

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Barbara Marx Hubbard, Author of Conscious Evolution; President, The Foundation For Conscious Evolution

paperback | 100 pages | 9781945949050 | March 29, 2017