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Change Your Life With Joe

Mar 12, 2024 by James A. Cusumano

        Dr. Joe Dispenza has been one of the most successful thought-leaders, helping others find long-term fulfillment by bringing about significant physical and emotional change in their lives. Some have called their outcomes, ‘miracles’. Joe says, “No. You did it yourself using the power that already exists within you.”[1]

          His methods center around the use of the person’s innate consciousness. He developed these techniques after he experienced a severe bicycle accident, resulting in six compressed vertebrae. Hi doctors told him he would not walk again. Joe completely recovered using the method he developed. 

            Although the essence of his method is within the details, Joe attributes three important contributions to his recovery. They each draw on the ability of consciousness to create long-term mental and physical health and a life of fulfillment.

  1. Consciousness is a subtle, yet powerful force, unlike any other in the universe. Its power can be accessed by anyone through their commitment to the use of meditation to bring about change. Unlike all other energies in the universe whose motion is limited by the speed of light, consciousness is superluminal, i.e., it moves instantaneously, whether it’s from your kitchen to your bedroom, or to the nearest galaxy. 
  2. Our subconscious, which is responsible for 85 percent of who we are, namely, how we think and what we do, has been continuously programed in us since birth—for better or for worse. But, it can be reprogramed to create desirable physical and emotional changes in your life.
  3. Joe maintains there are four things you must do to manifest this change.
    1. Earnestly believe in an Internal Intelligence—your Personal Consciousness.
    2. Commune with this Intelligence frequently.
    3. Surrender your problems to this Intelligence, and trust that it can workout the details.
    4. Maintain strong intention and attention on the goals you seek, and be sure they do no harm to anyone.

More on Joe’s methods in future posts.

Enjoy your journey! Make a difference!


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[1] For some of Joe’s best work, see his book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon.