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Cosmic Contact: The Next Earth

Mar 14, 2023 by James A. Cusumano


Cosmic Contact: The Next Earth is a sci-fi, action adventure that takes place 10 years after Book Two. The SPI Team members have become internationally recognized scientists. They are approached by the US President through Major John Dallant, who now heads the CIA and NSA, to address a seemingly impossible mission—find a means to save some semblance of humanity, which is on a path to extinction from rapidly accelerating climate change.

Book Three is pure sci-fi, combining fact, fiction, conjecture, the physics of blackholes and wormholes, and the cosmology of the current universe, with the power of artificial intelligence(AI) and the physics of consciousness. 

We are—definitelynot alone. The SPI Team ultimately succeeds in connecting with an advanced civilization on an exoplanet 101.4 lightyears from Earth, which they dub Zoi—Greek, meaning life. Unlike Homo sapiens, who became Earth’s first “behavioral modernity” race some 50,000 years ago, these extraterrestrials date the initial appearance of their “behavioral modernity” beings to 4.667 billion years ago. The Zoians are an advanced civilization beyond our wildest imagination—And they have been visiting Earth since the beginning of modern humanity.

Against a backdrop of Russian espionage, this novel explores the practical, social, psychological, and transcendental impact on Earthlings who learn of the extraterrestrial civilization’s technology, governance, leadership, and sociocultural units. They long ago mastered interstellar travel. How is that possible when Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity assures us it’s not in any meaningful timeframe? Their AI technology is well beyond our comprehension. Can they embed human Personal Consciousness into their AI systems? Our world will not be the same with answers to these and other questions posed to this advanced civilization.

“Jim Cusumano has created unforgettable superheroes for the 21st century. If you like Marvel and DC, you’ll love what Jim has cooked up for our postmodern world.”

—Jon Katzman—TV, and film producer; former president of New Regency Television On Book One: I Can See Clearly: Rise of A Supernatural Hero 


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