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Artificial Intelligence & Consciousness

Apr 20, 2023 by James A. Cusumano

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made immense technological progress during the last two decades and is anticipated to continue at rapidly increasing rates well into the distant future. Some experts in the field have deep concerns that AI will eventually gain a full spectrum of human consciousness and have the reasoning potential to overtake humanity in many of its key institutions—government, corporations, education, family, and religion. If that were the outcome, we would become serfs supporting our AI feudal lords. I don’t believe this will occur because of what can be called the Consciousness Conjecture.


The dictionary defines a conjecture as an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete, but usually informed and insightful, information. In other words, it’s not a proven state of affairs. It’s a learned viewpoint or judgement. Physics and mathematics have their share of conjectures, usually as postulates to explain physical phenomena or mathematical concepts that have not been proven.

Two examples may help. In 1637, French mathematician, Pierre de Fermat set an extremely difficult challenge for future mathematicians, which became known as Fermat’s Conjecture. He stated without proof that no positive integers for a, b, and c can satisfy the equation aⁿ + bⁿ = cⁿ for any integer value of n greater than 2.[1] Fermat’s Conjecture finally became Fermat’s Theorem in 1994 when Oxford mathematics professor, Sir Andrew Wiles, proved the conjecture was correct.

Here's an example from physics you may be more familiar with. More than fifty years ago, physicist Hugh Everett devised the Many-Worlds Conjecture of quantum mechanics, in which quantum effects can spawn countless independent universes with different events occurring within each. According to Everitt, we live in one of them in which all of the fundamental parameters of our universe, such as the force of gravity, the speed of light, the rate of the universe expansion, and the charge on an electron, are finely tuned to create and support our existence. 

Some would call the Many Worlds Conjecture a theory, meaning its predictions are testable and can be proven. However, I see it as a conjecture because there is no possibility to prove the existence of an infinite number of universes. Although many of the conjectures in physics and mathematics cannot be proven, they often offer a useful simplification for desired calculations or simply an educated explanation for the way things are.

The Consciousness Conjecture

For your consideration, I offer the Consciousness Conjecture, which I believe can explain a number of fundamental aspects in our lives, our world, and in the cosmos. There are five essential elements to this conjecture. Here, consciousness is defined as a spectrum of subtle non-classical energies—meaning non-electromagnetic energies—which provide an ephemeral connection among all things in the universe. In the jargon of computer science, we can say that consciousness is information—albeit a unique form of information. In human beings, it is your awareness of your inner self and your continuous connection and mutual interaction with the world and the universe, your influence on it and its influence on you. All energy and matter contain some level of consciousness. On Earth it is the most highly developed in human beings. The source of these five elements occurred from the very beginning of the cosmos  .  .  .  where, frankly speaking, there was no beginning. Allow me to explain.

The Cosmic Genesis Conjecture accepted by most cosmologists, is that our universe began its formation 13.8 billion years ago by an explosive expansion of what is known as a singularity, a subatomic unbelievably miniscule sphere, floating in an infinite field of “nothingness.” This minute singularity contained “something” which, well beyond our most creative imagination, gave rise to every speck of matter and energy in the universe, including the atoms and molecules that make up your body. Cosmologists don’t know what that “something” was. 

The first element of the Consciousness Conjecture asserts that “something” was exclusively pure consciousness, the only intrinsic attribute of the universe. Here the adjective “intrinsic” means consciousness belongs naturally and is absolutely essential to the creation and function of the universe, but most important, it cannot be further subdivided into deeper more fundamental elements. It is indivisible information. Unlike a single cell in your body which can be further broken down into molecules, then into atoms, then into electrons, protons, and neutrons—all the way down to quarks. Consciousness is where everything begins and ends. 

The second element asserts that all matter and energy in the universe, including Dark Energy and Dark Matter, which make up 95 percent of our universe—the other 5 percent being that which we can observe—is formed directly from consciousness. This formation is a completely reversible process, which, as you will see below, is necessary for the creation of future universes. Consciousness is the only information in the universe which can be reversibly interconverted with energy and matter.

Some billions of years from now, in what some physicists call the “Big Bounce,” our expanding universe is projected to decelerate to a standstill, then reverse to a contraction in which all energy and matter revert back to consciousness, eventually compressing to a singularity similar to that which initially formed our current universe. This cyclic process of formation of all the energy and physical matter in the universe by expansion of a consciousness-filled singularity and eventual contraction back to a singularity that forms the next universe, is an eternal process.Consciousness is conserved—it can be neither created nor destroyed—only reversibly transformed into matter or energyMost importantly, the consciousness of a given universe is completely informed of everything that occurred in all prior universes. This has profound importance for the third and fourth elements.

The third element asserts that there are three forms of consciousness. Personal Consciousness, which is the consciousness present in all energy forms and in all physical entities in the universe. Some level of consciousness exists in everything—down to the smallest subatomic species. On Earth, consciousness has evolved to its highest level in the human species and is lowest in the most minute subatomic entities—e.g., protons, electrons, and quarks. 

The second form is Collective Consciousness, which is the overlap among all material things and energy throughout the universe. Under certain circumstances, most especially at elevated levels of consciousness, this enables our interaction—directly and indirectly—among various entities in the universe for manifestation of our desired physical outcomes.

Unlike classical electromagnetic energies, whose velocities are limited by the speed of light, consciousness is superluminal, meaning it travels at infinite speed. This is why, for example, there are numerous anecdotal examples of a person knowing instantly when their loved one, who is thousands of miles away, has been injured. 

This aspect of consciousness is critically important in quantum entanglement, which Albert Einstein called “spooky action at a distance.” Entanglement is a phenomenon predicted by the fundamentals of quantum mechanics and has been proven experimentally over the last few decades. For example—if two neighboring atoms are mutually influenced by each other’s presence—let’s say one is spinning to the left and the other to the right—and then one atom is moved very far away, even many galaxies away, and the spin of one atom is reversed, the spin of the other atom instantly reverses—faster than the speed of light. 

Since the beginnings of quantum mechanics, physicists—including Einstein—have been at a loss to understand how this could be the case. Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity forbids any communication signal from traveling faster than the speed of light. However, the Consciousness Conjecture maintains that quantum entanglement communication does not occur via a classical electromagnetic signal—but by consciousness, which travels instantly. Quantum entanglement is the basis for quantum computing and quantum cybersecurity. All is connected at the level of consciousness

The third form of consciousness is Cosmic Consciousness. It is the heart and soul of everything in the universe. It is informed of every thought, word, deed, and event that has ever taken place or will take place in every universe and therefore is the source and repository of infinite intelligence, knowledge, truth, wisdom, love, compassion, and understanding. You could say this is infinite and eternal power. These specific attributes are necessary for the continuous implementation of the Purpose of The Universe. 

The fourth element of the Consciousness Conjecture asserts that the Purpose of The Universe is to continuously increase the overall level of its consciousness—Universal Consciousness— which requires interaction between consciousness and the matter and energy of the universe. These three components of the universe are mutually and inextricably dependent. This is an eternal process. Similar to the continuous Darwinian evolution of physical species, the fourth element is the basis for the continuous evolutionary elevation of Universal Consciousness. 

A lemma or intermediate conjecture of the fourth element is embellished by the Purpose of Life, which is for every living species, most especially human beings, to discover those attributes or skills which they came into this world with and focusing them on creating a better world for them and others and sharing equitably in subsequent benefits and rewards. 

It’s important to note the interdependence of Cosmic Consciousness with the totality of energy and matter in the universe. This is the means by which all consciousness evolves from universe to universe, and how Cosmic Consciousness is continuously informed by all matter and energy in the universe to maintains its infinite and eternal power as the source and repository of infinite intelligence, knowledge, truth, wisdom, love, compassion, and understanding. In a very real sense, our five senses and actions provide complete feedback to Cosmic Consciousness—everything—what some might call the good, the bad, and the indifferent.

The fifth and final element of the Consciousness Conjecture is that only human Personal Consciousness can achieve sufficiently elevated levels of consciousness to permit mutually beneficial two-way communications with Cosmic Consciousness. A dog, an elephant, a beetle, or a rose cannot do this.

To summarize:

  1. The universe with all its energy and matter was created from consciousness contained in a subatomic singularity floating in an infinite expanse of “nothingness.” Consciousness is the only attribute which is truly intrinsic to the universe. It is fundamental and cannot be further subdivided. 
  2. The universe has been expanding for 13.8 billion years, but eventually will stop and contract back to a singularity like the one from which it was formed. It, in turn, will expand and create the next universe. This is an eternal process. Everything begins and ends with consciousness. It is a fundamental and eternal form of information which can be neither created nor destroyed—only reversibly transformed into energy or matter. Each universe is informed of everything that has taken place in all preceding universes. 
  3. Consciousness is a subtle energy and unlike classical electromagnetic energies, whose speed is limited by the speed of light, consciousness travels at infinite speed. The three forms of consciousness are Personal Consciousness, Collective Consciousness, and Cosmic Consciousness.
    • Personal Consciousness is found in all energy and all animate and inanimate entities within the universe. It is the most highly developed in the human species. 
    • Collective Consciousness is the overlap among all entities within the universe. Under certain circumstances, most especially at elevated levels of consciousness, it enables the manifestation of desired outcomes. All is connected. 
    • Cosmic Consciousness is the source and repository of infinite intelligence, knowledge, truth, wisdom, love, compassion, and understanding. These attributes are necessary to achieve the Purpose of The Universe.
  4. The Purpose of The Universe is to continuously increase the overall level of its consciousness by means of an eternal evolutionary process which requires continuous mutual interactions among the totality of consciousness, matter, and energy in the universe. Consciousness, energy, and matter are interdependent. To support this Universal Purpose, the Purpose of Life is for every living species, most especially human beings, to discover those attributes or skills that they came into the world with and focusing them on creating a better world for them and others and sharing equitably in any subsequent benefits and rewards.
  5. Only human Personal Consciousness can achieve sufficiently elevated levels of consciousness to permit mutually beneficial two-way communications with Cosmic Consciousness. 

Based on the five elements of the Consciousness Conjecture and the Law of Conservation of Consciousness—it is not possible to impart human Personal Consciousness into an AI system.

There is no doubt that AI will continue to achieve exponentially faster and more efficient computational strategies for systems analysis and complex decision processing, thereby creating an unprecedented game-changing tool for humanity. It will unquestionably precipitate major discontinuities in the way we do things. 

These changes may be highly beneficial to some; but others will face significant challenges—especially if our social structure does not create the changes necessary to benefit the whole. A bright future comes at a price, particularly when it occurs too rapidly—the brighter the outcome and the more rapid the timeframe, the greater the price.

Therefore, I believe that AI will not have the ability to make the kind of universally effective decisions that require a uniquely intuitive and effective combination of love, compassion, understanding, sensitivity, and wisdom. That’s the realm endowed by Cosmic Consciousness exclusively to human Personal Consciousness access.[2] Maktub!

Enjoy your journey! Make a difference!




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[1] For example, if a=3, b=4, c=5 and n=2; then 9 + 16 = 25; or a=1, b=3, c=4 and n=1; then 1 + 3 = 4. However, you would spend a lifetime and never find a solution for n>2 and any combination of integers for a, b, and c.

[2] Much of the material in this article can be found at various points throughout the trilogy of novels from The Luc Ponti Chronicles. There, it was presented as managed by the laws of Spiritual Physics. Hereafter, to minimize confusion and connection with organized religion, the term Transcendent Physics will be used. Transcendent—meaning beyond or above the range of normal or physical human experience—is a more accurate descriptor.