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The Book of Life

May 04, 2023 by James A. Cusumano

Here are a few early morning thoughts for your consideration:


Many of us find it’s often necessary to get on the “same page” as another person to reach a constructive, mutual understanding, or to solve a difficult problem. The virtual Book of Life can be a huge help.


The wisdom in this precious book is a unique combination of diversity, truth, understanding, acceptance, love, compassion, imagination, and creativity. It provides solutions to big challenges and is the source of all greatness.


So, how can you access the Book of Life?


This ephemeral infinite volume exists in an alternate dimension well beyond our four dimensions of space and time. As described by the laws of Transcendent Physics[1], the book’s source is Cosmic Consciousness—The heart and  soul of everything in the universe. 


Cosmic Consciousness is informed of every thought, word, deed, and event that has ever occurred or will occur in every universe and therefore is the source and repository of infinite intelligence, knowledge, truth, wisdom, love, compassion, and understanding.


Anyone with an open heart can access this wisdom by taking the time and effort to quiet their body and mind and elevate their consciousness through earnest meditation—and its free!


Enjoy your journey! Make a difference!



James A. Cusumano Chairman & Owner, Chateau Mcely 




[1] James A. Cusumano, Artificial Intelligence & Consciousness, April 20, 2023; Cosmic Contact: The Next Earthin Appendix I—Beginnings,Waterside Productions, Cardiff-By-The-Sea, CA, 2023.