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Our Wish For You!

Dec 29, 2021 by James A. Cusumano

Dearest Friends:


It started with a Dream . . .


And that Dream has gifted us with a most incredible Team, which has carried us through good times and challenges. As we close 2021, having celebrated our 15th anniversary, we are deeply grateful for the most successful year of all. Given the ways of the world we live in, we can only attribute this to the Dream, the Team, and the Grace of the Cosmos, for all of which we are deeply humbled and grateful. 


In these challenging times, let us all embrace the three powers of the Spiritual Alchymist—Truth to create Wisdom; Love to embrace Compassion; and Understanding the source of Forgiveness.


We sincerely hope you are spending this holiday season with those you love, and that your heart and soul embrace the peace, love, and opportunity for a joyous and brighter future.


 Jim & The Chateau Mcely Team


James A. Cusumano

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