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Nov 05, 2020 by James A. Cusumano

The ultimate mystery is one’s own self.” --Sammy Davis, Jr.

Famous American folk author, Mark Twain, was once sitting on the edge of the Mississippi River, fishing with his teenage nephew, Joshua. They often talked about life during their fishing outings. At one point, Twain turned to his nephew and said, “Josh, do you know what the two most important days in your life are?”

Josh thought for awhile and said, “Well, I guess the first one has to be when you’re born.”

“Excellent!” was Twain’s response. “What about the second one?”

Josh thought again and said, “Gosh, Uncle Mark, I’m not sure. Maybe when you die?”

Twain’s response was, “Nope—when you find out why you were born.”

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