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Seagull’s Revenge: Beyond Fear

Nov 24, 2021 by James A. Cusumano

Seagull’s Revenge: Beyond Fear

Book Two—The Luc Ponti Chronicles

Dear Friends:

A big part of my Life Purpose at this point in time is to entertain your mind and simultaneously, but subtly, inspire your soul to recognize the power of Abundance and Spirit that already exists within you. To that end, I offer you Seagull’s Revenge.


Seagull’s Revenge: Beyond Fear, Book Two of The Luc Ponti Chronicles has been published as an e-Book and in hardcopy. The audiobook will be released on December 12. If you enjoy the continuing saga of Luc Ponti and his SPI Team, please leave a review HERE .


Many Thanks!—Jim


Dr. Sergei Karlovich—codenamed Seagull—is one of the most brilliant, powerful, and dangerous of Russian operatives. He seeks a hideous form of revenge for what Luc Ponti and his SPI (Super Paranormal Intelligence) Team wrought on his daughter, Tamara Carlin, a Russian double agent within the CIA. Should Seagull succeed, the world could fall under Russian dominance.

Book Two of The Luc Ponti Chronicles, Seagull’s Revenge is a fusion of deep-state espionage, science, technology, politics, and the supernatural, experienced through the eyes of the three members of the SPI Team, each of whom has been gifted with unique superpowers, subsequent to their near-death experience (NDE).

Woven throughout the novel’s narrative of foreign intrigue, are examples of immense power, hiding in plain sight, accessible by intimately understanding the Meaning of Life and Life Purpose, both available at higher levels of consciousness. It leaves the reader with an important message: All is connected in ways we could never have imagined.


“Not only does this novel take us into the thrilling world of a new kind of superhero,it also explores a theme that is dear to any seeker’s heart—That we must make our life ‘s journey a quest to find and fulfill our true Life Purpose.”


—Gay Hendricks, New York Times bestselling author, on Book One, I Can See Clearly: Rise of A Supernatural Hero