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Instant Insight

Sep 27, 2022 by James A. Cusumano

I’ve read in  Eastern literature that some enlightened Wisdom Seekers can instantaneously access altered states of consciousness as a means to answer life’s challenging questions or manifest into their lives things they seek for fulfillment. This ability is a product of frequent deep meditation.

Most of us ordinary folks don’t have that luxury. In fact, those of us who practice meditation have to work diligently to minimize the clamor and pandemonium of our chaotic world, as we seek the very essence of meditation—silence without thought. 

It’s in the gap between thoughts that we discover answers to our quests. However, it’s more common than not, to struggle with interference from miscellaneous thoughts, having to push them away, while trying not to be troubled by their frequent occurrence. Then it’s back to silence.

Don’t despair. Meditation experts tell us there’s good reason to keep up your practice even if you continue to deal with interfering thoughts of questionable relevance. Here’s how they see it.

Have you ever been in a relaxed state, doing something completely unrelated to issues for which you’ve been seeking an insightful perspective, or questions for which you would love an answer, and then suddenly that perspective or answer hits the screen of your consciousness like a cerebral sledge-hammer, eliciting an exciting “aha”? You’ve just experienced Instantaneous Insight.

Deepak Chopra calls this effortless flow of seemingly unrelated events coming together—“Synchrodestiny.” He sees it as a merging of coincidence and destiny, powerfully leveraging the intelligence of the universe to orchestrate the cosmic dance of creation—in your favor!

It most often happens with an unplanned happenstantial intersection of the state of your emotional, psychological, and physical being, enabling you without thinking, to momentarily enter an elevated meditative state—an altered state of consciousness. You suddenly experience unexpected clarity concerning an issue or circumstance you’ve been struggling with. Of course, that struggle was continuously there, hidden from you while tossing about within your subconscious. Then suddenly you find clarity and resolution as they rapidly rise to the surface of your conscious mind. You have momentarily tapped into Cosmic Consciousness, the source of infinite wisdom and intelligence.

So here’s a thought—in seeking a perspective or answer to a difficult issue, or to manifest something into your life for greater fulfillment, continue to contemplate that issue, PLUS complement that exercise with a brief daily meditation—just 20 minutes—even if your meditation is interrupted by extraneous thoughts. You will find you experience an increased frequency of those “aha” moments—Instant Insight—Synchrodestiny at your service. 


Enjoy your journey! Make a difference!


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