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Oct 07, 2021 by James A. Cusumano



Reinhold Niebuhr was an early 20th century American scholar of philosophy, theology, and political history. His beautiful invocation on serenity[1] is legendary.  I believe it has elements worth contemplating as support for a peaceful and successful life. Here is an adaptation of his thoughts.


May I find peace and serenity to accept those things I cannot change. 


And in moments of silence, may I have the courage, and commitment to change those I can change—and the wisdom and acceptance to know the difference between the two.


May I do this, living one day at a time and doing my best to enjoy each moment.


As I contemplate Niebuhr’s thoughts, I’m reminded of Deepak Chopra’s comments from one of his mediations on abundance, which support these thoughts as they apply to each of us.


You are a radiant, cherished, and deeply loved being, imbued with the seeds of spirit, and possess the power to live a life filled with love, joy, health, compassion, friends, material possessions and whatever else you choose. Expect and accept this ultimate good and revel in the truth of your resplendent existence. 

Powerful words from two inspired men.

Enjoy your journey! Make a difference!


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