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The Persistence of Life

Oct 04, 2021 by James A. Cusumano

Your brain is amazingly clever and more capable than you might imagine. It’s one example of the persistence and ubiquity of life on Earth—and I would propose, throughout the our universe.

Jay Gopalakrishnan and his research colleague at Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf, Germany, recently grew in a small Petri dish, the beginnings of two human eyes.[1]


The pair of eye-like structures (pictured above) were composed of tissues similar to those in real human eyes—including a round lens, which normally focuses an image; a retina, the island of tissue at the back of the eye that senses light of various frequencies and converts them within the brain to what we finally visualize; and an incalculable number of neurons that grew from these structures into the rest of the tissue within the Petri dish. 

Amazing! Right? These results follow from the basic laws that govern the functioning of the cosmos. I’ll come back to this point in a bit.

To create these “optical cups,” which the researchers say are an early stage of human eye formation, they started in the Petri dish with a small amount of brain organoids—a minute spherical mass of brain tissue, about 3 millimeters in diameter. They catalyzed the formation of these ocular structures by adding retinoic acid, a vitamin A derivative, which is involved in eye formation in the human embryo, about 20 days into its development.

When the fully formed structures were exposed to visible light, the researchers measured electrical signals travelling along the neural pathways within the total structure in the Petri dish, suggesting that some form of visual information was being transmitted. The brain tissue was “seeing” the light. How can this happen? What forces govern this outcome?

I believe that three Fundamental Laws of The Universe are at play here.[2] The First Law—There has been and will eternally be the presence of a universe. All of the matter and energy in our universe was formed by the Big Bang expansion of a microscopic “singularity” some 13.8 billion years ago. This expansion will continue, ultimately contracting billions of years in the future to that same singularity. Shortly afterwards, it will again expand in a Big Bang and form the next universe. This is an eternal cycle, and information or “memory” is carried forward from one universe to the next.

The Second Law—This eternal expansion-contraction process provides a playground for life to form, transform, decay, and reform. It is tenacious and persistent, and it’s called The Cycle of Life. The driving force for this repetitive cycle is greater than any force expressed by the laws of classical or quantum physics. It’s an invisible force that has always been and always will be, regardless of any existential catastrophe—asteroid collisions, climate change, global pandemics,  nuclear events. During the last billion years there have been five mass extinctions of living species on Earth—but eventually, life returned. The Cycle of Life is eternally persistent. Scientists now fear that a sixth extinction event in the not-o-distant future, caused by climate change. They call it the Anthropocene Extinction—a result primarily of humankind’s doings. 

The Third Law—And the most critical one; the only intrinsic or fundamental entity in the universe is Consciousness and it’s responsible for the creation of all physical matter. Physical matter is a crucial piece of the cosmic puzzle because the purpose of the universe is to provide a means for the continuous evolution of Consciousness, properly known as Cosmic Consciousness.

And here’s where all three laws come together—This evolution requires intimate interaction between physical matter and Consciousness. The more evolved the physical matter—in the Darwinian sense—the more effective the evolution of Consciousness. So your primary “reason for being” is not only to discover and use your innate personal gifts to make this a better world for you and others, but more particularly to contribute to the evolution of Cosmic Consciousness

You see how important you are in the big picture! So it’s not surprising what occurred in that Petri dish. There is an omnipotent, compassionate, creative, eternal force at work—and you are part of the force.


Enjoy your journey! Make a difference!


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[1] Jay Gopalakrishnan et. al., https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34407456/

[2] For details about these and the other Universal Laws see Life Is Beautiful: 12 Universal Rules; Also available in Czech from Chateau Mcely’s e-Shop—Zivot Je Krasny.