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The Consciousness Conjecture

Jun 02, 2023 by James A. Cusumano

  The Consciousness Conjecture[1]


The following are 10 points that summarize The Consciousness Conjecture as discussed in a previous post.[2] They are the basis for all that occurs throughout the universe in spacetime. 

  1. Our universe was formed 13.8 billion years ago in what has been called the “Big Bang,” an explosive expansion of a subatomic singularity, which exclusively consisted of only pure consciousness.


  1. Consciousness is a broad spectrum of subtle energies, a nonphysical connection among all energies and matter in the universe. In human beings, it is awareness of the inner self, the world, and the universe.


  1. All consciousness is conserved—meaning it can be neither created nor destroyed.


  1. There are three forms of consciousness in the universe. Personal Consciousness, the inner self, is the true reality of all sentient beings. All material species have some level of consciousness. On Earth, it is most highly developed in human beings. Collective Consciousness is the overlap of consciousness among sentient species as well as with all energies and matter. Cosmic Consciousness, historically referred to as the Akashic Field, is an ethereal energy in an alternate dimension. It contains a record of every thought, word, deed, event, and action that ever occurred and ever will occur. It is an infinite and eternal source of wisdom and knowledge.  


  1. Consciousness is the source of all of the energy and mass in the universe. According to the laws of Transcendent Physics,[3] this process is reversible, i.e., all matter and energy in the universe can reconvert back to the consciousness from which was formed.


  1. Billions of years into the future, complex gravitational interactions involving dark energy, dark matter, and conventional energies and matter will cause the expansion of the universe to subside, cease, and reverse to contraction, eventually collapsing to a subatomic singularity.


  1. This singularity will undergo a process of rapid expansion to energy and mass thereby forming the next universe. Ultimately, over billions of years, it will reverse to a contraction, forming the subsequent universe. This cyclic process of universe formation, collapse, and reformation is an eternal process. 


  1. The consciousness in every new singularity has a memory effect, which holds all the information of all prior universes. It is completely informed.


  1. All energy and physical systems have some consciousness, down to the smallest of subatomic particles, e.g., quarks.


  1. On Earth, the human species is the only one capable of reaching remarkably elevated levels of consciousness that can give rise to what appear to be superpowers or paranormality.


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