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Worry, Stress & Anxiety

Mar 03, 2022 by James A. Cusumano

I recently viewed an interesting video by Dr. Martin L. Rossman, a medical doctor and author of several books on managing stress and anxiety through various techniques such as guided imagery. If you have the time, I recommend his 1 ½ hour video on You Tube.[1] It’s entitled “Worrying Well: How To Use Your Brain To Relieve Anxiety And Stress.”

In his presentation he highly recommends an international best selling book, translated into 30 languages—The Female Brain by Dr. Louann Beizendine, a neuropsychiatrist. I believe it will be of interest to both men, as well.

I found the following passage of significant interest in highlighting and explaining some of the emotional and communication differences between men and women.


“Until eight weeks old, every fetal brain looks female—female is nature’s default gender setting. If you were to watch a female and male brain developing via time-lapse photography, you would see their circuit diagrams being laid down according to the blueprint drafted by both genes and sex hormones. A huge testosterone surge beginning in the eighth week will turn this unisex brain to a male brain by killing off some cells in the communication centers and growing more cells in the sex and aggression centers. If the testosterone surge doesn’t happen, the female brain continues to grow unperturbed. The fetal girl’s brain cells sprout more connections in the communication centers and areas that process emotion. How does this fetal fork in the road affect us? For one thing, this girl will grow up to be more talkative than her brother. In most social contexts, she will use many more forms of communication than he will. For another, it defines our innate biological destiny, coloring the lens through which each of us views and engages the world.”

There is much in this book to help women understand who they are and their unique capabilities, as well as providing men with a perspective on how to interact most effectively with women—a win-win for both genders!


Enjoy your journey! Make a difference!


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