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Your True Reality

May 17, 2022 by James A. Cusumano

What is your true reality? Is it what you experience with your five senses, or is it something else, something deeper? Many years ago, I found answers to these questions from my friend, Deepak Chopra—answers that enabled me to contribute to the abundance in my life.

Consider for a moment, where was the chair you were sitting on before it was created. Where was your newborn before she came into this world? 

Just because you cannot see or touch something does not mean it doesn’t exist. It simply means you cannot experience it in your three-dimensional physical world at this moment. The same holds true for whatever you consider abundance—limitless love, unbounded joy, optimal health, or material possessions. Just because you’re not experiencing what you desire doesn’t mean it can’t exist for you. It simply means that you’re not currently experiencing it in your 3-dimensional world—But you can!

We live our lives primarily on the physical plane, which includes everything that has form or substance—what we commonly refer to as matter. Some look at this physical world and see lack. Others see abundance. Some feel abundant. Others feel limited based of certain messages they may have received in the past as part of their social and cultural conditioning by others—and often with their best intentions! These messages generally hide in our subconscious and are expressed without our consciously thinking a single thought. Scientists tell us our subconscious has the largest storage in our mind and the biggest impact on our lives.

While we believe matter to be reality, we often view reality as changeless. Yet matter and form continually change. So then what is your true reality? As we exist in the physical plane, we also live at the level of the mind with its three fundamental elements—conscious, subconscious, and ego. 

And here’s the key. The mind is that part of you that perceives, thinks, reasons, and evaluates. It’s potential energy and because of this, just as classical physics shows us potential energy can be seamlessly converted to kinetic energy and bring about physical change, you can change your physical world by changing your thoughts and beliefs. True, it’s not instantaneous, as are changes based on classical physics, but with some effort is does work.

Beyond the mind at the deepest level of consciousness resides the spirit. This is the part of us that is eternal, unchanging, and imbued with pure unlimited potential. It’s your true reality. Tapping into this potential is what enables us to manifest abundance into our lives.

The world we perceive “out there” in the physical world may appear to be objective, but in fact, it’s subjective, a construct of our own interpretations. Our words, thoughts, and beliefs create specific results in the physical world. This subjectivity and its ability to create abundance, is increasingly substantiated by theory and experimental results in quantum physics.

Therefore, abundance does not spring from an external source. Rather, it comes from within—from thought, intention, attention, expectation, and belief—all without attachment to the specific details on how the final goal will be achieved. 

You, as a powerful creative being, can change your perception, change your mind, and change your physical reality by continuously transforming your thoughts and expectations. You can begin to speak and understand the language of the cosmos and the world, and in doing so, harness its infinite flow of energy, information, and intelligence to enjoy the great bounty of spirit that is your birthright. 

Don’t be misled. This is not an easy business. It requires focus, commitment, and courage—and there are often “bumps in the road.” But as the Japanese philosophy for resilience implies, “The difference between success and no success is falling down seven times and getting up eight.”

A suggested thought for your daily abundance—"Today and every day, I focus on what I want to attract into my life.”

Enjoy your journey! Make a difference!



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